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Our company will not bear responsibility for any damages incurred while using this site, whether directly or indirectly.
While we take the utmost care regarding online security measures, kindly understand that security leaks can happen.

Copyright Information

It is forbidden to copy any text or images from this site without the company's express permission.
All of the content of this website is protected under the Copyright Law of Japan and international agreements.
All copyrights of the content of this site belong to Nippon Comsa Co., Ltd.

Privacy Policy

Nippon Comsa Co., Ltd. duly recognizes that as a custodian of personal information as set out under Japanese laws regarding the protection of personal information (fully implemented from April 1, 2005), that the site users' personal information is of high value to the users' and should be guarded with the utmost care, and that the users' personal information is also of important operational value to the company. Our company securely handles all personal information as required by law and would like to share the following information regarding the handling of personal information with its users.

Personal Information Explained

Personal Information for the purpose of this site is defined as follows.

Information that is personal in nature, including but not limited to name, date of birth, other descriptive information as well as numbers, codes, IP address, images or sounds which can distinguish an individual (including information which by itself cannot distinguish the individual, but when included with other relevant information can).

Purpose of Gathering Personal Information

Our company only gathers personal information for the below purposes and will never use them for any other reason.

  • All types of business information, replying to contact us messages and for sending documents
  • For the operation of this website

Handling of Personal Information

Our company takes the utmost care in the handling and management of all personal information gathered and we make every effort to ensure there is no unauthorized access, damage, information leak or any unauthorized changes.

Personal Information Deposit

In order to carry out the above mentioned “Purpose of Gathering Personal Information”, at times the personal information gathered from this site is deposited with a third party. In these instances, we only select companies which have a high level of security for managing personal information, and as our company policy we always try to limit the amount of personal information shared with third parties to the minimum extent possible.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Our company strictly manages all personal information gathered from this site and does not share its users' personal information with third parties without prior approval. However, for the following instances this need not apply.

  • When the company is required by law to share the information, when it concerns a person's life, or when it is required in order to protect a person or an asset, and it is difficult to get the concerned individual's consent.
  • For the improvement of public health or for the promotion of children's proper education, and it is difficult to get the concerned individual's consent.
  • When it is required to cooperate with regulatory authorities or an individual entrusted by law to carry out a required task, and getting the permission from the concerned individual would result in impeding the carrying out of the required task


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