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We offer full support from product planning and development to logistics.We offer full support from product planning and development to logistics.

We provide comprehensive support from product planning and development, to sales proposals, quality control and logistics coordination.

  • Product Planning and Development

    Our company has a complete end-to-end support system for food products, groceries and sweets as well as many other products with services ranging from the planning and design of new products, to quality control and logistics.

  • Quality Control

    To provide safe food products, we make it our mission to comply with all laws and meet our customers' demands for high quality products when performing quality control.

  • Logistics Support

    Our company has 13 strategically located logistics centers throughout Japan specializing in frozen and chilled processed foods so we can supply your products at low cost and high efficiency nationwide.

  • Analysis & Sales Proposals

    We analyze products based on our in-depth experience and knowhow in order to develop and propose more appealing products to the consumer.

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