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Route from Akebonobashi Station

10 Funamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 160-0006
Telephone.03-5269-1561  Fax.03-5269-1562


Directions (A~F)

  • From Toei Shinjuku Line, Akebonobashi Station A1 Exit, walk to the left and then take a left turn shortly thereafter.

  • Take a right turn at the crossroad where Freshness Burger restaurant is located.

  • Once you can see an uphill road on your left hand, turn left.

  • Continue along the uphill road and take the stairs.

  • At the top of the stairs continue forward and then at the end of the street take a right turn and continue along the street and you will be able to see our office.

  • This is our office.

See on Google Maps.

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