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Product Planning and Development

Our company has a complete end-to-end support system for food products, groceries and sweets as well as many other products with services ranging from the planning and design of new products, to quality control and logistics.

Product Planning and Development

Past & Recent Performance

Nippon Comsa Test KitchenNippon Comsa Test Kitchen

Utilizing our company's technology and experience, we have been successful to date in developing and supplying food products targeted at national expansion across Japan into major department stores and convenience stores. We continue to proactively search for opportunities to expand the reach of our products and also focus on developing high quality products.

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Quality Control

To provide safe food products, we make it our mission to comply with all laws and meet our customers' demands for high quality products when performing quality control.

List of Mutual Understandings for Quality Control with Nippon Comsa's Specified Factories

  1. Label Certification
    Verification of ingredients used, Verification of additives used, Confirmation of allergens, Preparation of ingredient list, others
  2. Prevention of Biological Harm
    Clear justification for best-before date, Verification based on bacteria test, others
  3. Prevention of Physical Harm
    Implementation of factory inspection, Measures to prevent the mixing of harmful foreign substances, Delivery management, Control center management, others
  4. Periodic Factory Inspections, Safety Training of Employees
    Verification of ingredients used, Verification of additives used, Confirmation of allergens, Preparation of ingredient list, others


Logistics Support

Providing High Efficiency at Low Cost

Our company has 13 strategically located logistics centers throughout Japan specializing in frozen and chilled processed foods so we can supply your products at low cost and high efficiency nationwide.

Logistics Support
➊ A Pioneer in Frozen and Chilled Processed Foods

We started producing frozen and chilled processed foods from the mid 1990s. Initially, we placed production date stickers using a hand labeler, but after an increased number of required tasks and a change in the information provided in labels, we created our own internal system and now supply high quality products very efficiently.

➋Achieving Cost Reductions via Joint Delivery System through our Company’s Logistics Network

Using our company's logistics network and by jointly shipping our suppliers products' , we have been able to greatly reduce shipping costs.


Analysis, Sales Proposals

Analysis, Sales Proposals

We analyze products based on our in-depth experience and knowhow in order to develop and propose more appealing products to the consumer.

Main Clients We Make Proposals To

Lawson, Inc., FamilyMart Co., Ltd., MINISTOP Co.,Ltd., Izmic Co.,Ltd.

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